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Frequently Asked Questions.

Please, feel free to CONTACT US if you have any other question.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: What do you export?
  • A: We export all kinds of used passenger cars, commercial trucks ranging from almost new cars to very rare and old trucks, which are manufactured more than 30 years ago.
  • Please check our INVENTORY LIST.
  • Q: Can we use a credit card for the payment?
  • A: A: Yes, you may. Please ASK US procedure of paying by credit card.
  • Q: Can I pay in any currencies?
  • A: Primarily, you can pay in US dollars.
  • If you don’t pay in US Dollars, you can pay either in JP Yen. The total payment amount will be charged based on the market exchange rate of US Dollar.
  • Q: Is my deposit refundable?
  • A: Yes. The deposit is refundable for any reason before we purchase a car from an auction house or other suppliers.
  • However, a handling and a banking charge are deducted from the deposit. We issue the Final Statement with deduction of these charges.
  • Q: Do you export LHD(Left Handle Drive) vehicles?
  • A: Yes, we do. We can export both types.
    All vehicles made in Japan are RHD(Right Handle Drive).
  • And some vehicles imported from US and Europe to Japan are LHD(Left Handle Drive).
  • Q: How can I check vehicle’s condition?
  • A: You can check the vehicle’s condition from auction grade as follows;
  • 6(S) Vehicle is especially like new.
    All original body parts. No repair needed on vehicle.
    Usually vehicle mileages less than 100 km.
    5 Vehicle is like new.
    All original body parts. No repair needed on vehicle.
    Usually only given to vehicles less than 1 year old.
    4.5 Vehicle is in excellent condition. No slight scratches or dents.
    4 Vehicle in good condition, few scratches/dents due to normal wear as you would get with any normal vehicle.
    3.5 Vehicle has a few scratches or dents visibly.
    The grade is usually given to a vehicle in average condition.
    3 Various scratches or dents, some paint blemishes.
    RA Vehicle has been in MINOR accident.
    It has been repaired to an acceptable standard.
    R A vehicle which has been in an accident where some parts have been repaired or replaced.
    *** Accident damaged vehicle however has not been repaired.
    Vehicle may have engine problems.
  • Q: What is the total cost of buying a car?
  • A: We show it in Proforma Invoice(quotation) based on your demand; such as, a car name, a model number, a manufactured year, and options.
  • The cost is shown in the Proforma Invoice.
  • Q: Can you ship vehicles to any countries in the world?
  • A: Yes. We can ship them to any countries where vessels are running.
  • In a case of inland, we use land transportation such as railway.
  • Q: Can anybody import vehicles from foreign countries?
  • A: Yes, generally everybody can. However, in some countries, only authorized importers/dealers can buy vehicles from abroad. Before you place your order, you are required to confirm with your country’s restrictions.
  • Q: How many days do you need for shipping?
  • A: It depends on destination and routes of ships. It might take around 3 days for Russia, Hong Kong from Japan. And it might take around 3 weeks for New Zealand, Australia. It might takes around 4-6 weeks for far away countries from Japan.
  • Q: What does “FOB Price” mean?
  • A: A FOB Price includes the price of items and exportation fee that will be charge until the items are transported into the ship.
  • Importers will be required to pay other fees such as freight charge, marine insurance and customs. Regarding the freight charge, please CONTACT US.
  • To prepare the worst, we strongly recommend you to insure your items.
  • Q: How do you ship vehicles?
  • A: Usually, we ship vehicle(s) by boats called Ro-Ro vessels for cars and Container for Bikes.
    Furthermore, we are able to arrange the shipping by 40-FOOTER CONTAINER LOADING for cars.
  • In case of CKD(complete knock down)of 2-ton trucks, we can ship 5-6 units of cars in a 40-footer container. Also, in case of COMPLETE TRUCKS, we can ship 3 units in a 40-footer container. In case of COMPLETE PASSENGER CARS, we can ship 4-5 units in a 40-footer container.
  • Q: Who is responsible for paying the bank transfer fee?
  • A: The buyer is responsible for all the bank fees. Please confirm the cost of the fee with your bank.
  • Please make sure that you make a full payment, including bank handling charge. We ship your items after we confirm your FULL payment.
  • Q: I have any other question.
  • A: Please, feel free to CONTACT US if you have any other question.

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Hi am Yumi.
We Princess Trading exporting fine used cars from Nagano, Japan.

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Princess Trading

We are running used car exporting company at Nagano, Japan. Our company is located in Nagano pref where only a hour from Tokyo metropolitan station. As you know Tokyo is main capital of Japan.

its main trading area of Japan. and from there, we export used automobiles to all over the world.

Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with you.

  • About Us
  • Company Name
  • Princess Trading
  • CEO
  • Sachie Imai
  • Established
  • November 2014
  • our Business
  • Used Cars Export & Sell
  • Staff
  • 15
  • Location
  • Karuizawa Oaza Karuizawa east Grand Terrace Karuizawa Nagano pref
  • Zip-code
  • 389-0104
  • TEL / FAX
  • live:hellokitty2006_4 on Skype
  • URL
  • https://princess.imaiyumi.net/
  • E-mail
  • info @ imaiyumi.net
  • Office Hours
  • Mon thru Fri 9AM-5PM
  • Closed
  • Weekend and Japanese Holidays, also our Company Holidays
  • our Bank Account
  • Swift code: SMBCJPJT
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
    Kawasaki Branch
    Account Number: 3372648
    Account Name: Princess Trading
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